Welcome to Desert Heart Video!

Desert Heart Multimedia has been in business in Santa Fe, New Mexico for over 25 years, providing video, recording studio services, graphic design, web development, product photography and more. We’re here to help you make your best statement on the Web!

Nothing sells a product, tells a story, or conveys emotion like a well done video. Whether you need video for your website, Facebook, Youtube, or other platform, let’s consider your goals together, and get the job done. For video production for the web, call Desert Heart Multimedia at our studio in Santa Fe.



Here's how we help you make a great impression:

1) Conceptualize

We'll brainstorm about the right approach for your project. Let's consider your goal, your audience, your budget (of course), and the key message or image you need to get across.

2) Plan

Before we shoot the first frame, we'll make a specific, comprehensive plan in order to get things done as effectively as possible. A shot list, set design, props, talent, any special equipment needed all come into play here.

3) Film

We'll set the stage according to plan. Then we'll use the right equipment to insure your footage is riveting, and your audio is pristine. (Great audio is incredibly important, whether it's dialog, voice-over, or a sound track!)

4) Edit

So much of the magic can happen here. We'll cull the best takes, sew it all together with the most appropriate transitions, and use titles, callouts, special effects and more to keep your audience engaged.

5) Deploy

Once your program is perfect, we'll help you upload your video to the web, and deliver copies to you in the formats that best suit your needs.

From quick product videos, to instructional projects, to compelling music videos, when you need video for the web in Santa Fe, contact us

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